Journey Taekwondo

Mrs. Samantha Lecher began her martial arts journey when she was just 5 years old.  At the age of 12 she earned her black belt and continued to pursue her training to championship levels and has been recognized by the World Taekwondo Federation as a Master Instructor.  She currently holds the rank of 4th degree black belt and is excited to share this passion of hers with students!

Through the Korean martial art of Taekwondo students will develop self-control, build confidence and tackle new challenges as they progress in rank on their journey to black belt!

God has blessed VBFN with the opportunity to pour into kids through the ministry of Journey Taekwondo.  Our motto is “A Path to Purpose” …  a purpose that goes way beyond just kicking and cool moves.  In each and every class students are guided to see that they have an identity in Christ where they can find confidence and peace in knowing that they are not on this JOURNEY alone.


Classes will run from January 22nd - April 15th.
This session will have four different class categories. A brief description of each and the intent and focus for the various classes is below the schedule.

3:15-4:15 - All Belts/All Ages
4:15-5:15 - All Belts/All Ages
5:15-6:15 - 6th grade and up and or/Advanced Belts
3:15-4:15 - K-2nd Grade and/or Beginner Belts
4:15-5:15 - 3rd-5th Grade and/or Intermediate Belts
5:15-6:15 - 6th Grade and up and or/Advanced Belts

Class Prices:
$110 for 12 weeks of 1 class per week
$170 for 12 weeks of 2 classes per week

Class Descriptions:

All Ages/All Belt Level Classes
These classes are designed for multiple levels where students can learn from each other and develop leadership skills as higher ranks.  This class will be more of a whole group setting for practice of technique and perseverance.  I am a firm believer that there is no such thing as a “black belt technique.”  In this mixed class, students will develop through working together and striving to achieve new goals.

Kinder-2nd Graders and/or Beginner Belts
This class is geared for younger students and beginner belts (typically white, yellow and orange).  We will hone in on the basic movements and develop a foundation for taekwondo.  From learning how your body moves and developing an understanding of distance and agility to your belt requirements of forms, sparring techniques, and more! In this specialized class,  students will have the opportunity to focus on their specific belt requirements.

3rd-5th Graders and/or Intermediate Belts
This class is designed for martial artists to dive deeper and build consistency and proficiency in their skills as they move through the intermediate level (typically green, gold and purple belts).  We will focus on specific techniques at individual levels.  

6th Graders and up and/or Advanced Belts
This class is for ages 6th grade through even ADULTS (Yes, that means you can sign up too!) and/or Advanced Belts (typically blue belts and up).  Digging in, challenging yourself to a new level and developing your skills is the goal here.  We will be running drills for technique, agility, endurance and next level training.  

All classes will have a spiritual emphasis where we will lean to God’s word as it parallels our aims as a Journey Taekwondo practitioner.  In each and every class, students are guided to see that they have an identity in Christ where they can find confidence and peace in knowing that they are not on this JOURNEY alone.  

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