Friendsgiving Celebration

In Jesus’ parable of the prodigal son (Luke 15:22–32), one son runs off to spend his portion of his inheritance while the other son stays at home with their father. When the young prodigal returns home in shame, the father runs to embrace and restore him, while the older brother pouts outside and refuses to join the party his father throws to celebrate the son’s return.

We tend to focus on the sons in this story, but we should ask: What is the father’s goal for each of his sons? To get them to sit down together with him at the table. What are each of the sons resisting in their own way? Sitting down for the family meal.

Why the table?

It’s a place of celebration. A place of relationship. A place of healing. Of mutuality. Of equality. Grace. Blessing.

The two sons are invited to join their father at a table. Not a classroom. Not a temple. What the father was after was not education or ritual. He was after relationship. It wasn’t about what they could offer. It was about them.

The father is calling: “Come home. Join me at the table. It’s time to celebrate.”  

Eating means celebrating. Celebrating that everyone is at the table again.  

 After all the heartbreak and rebellion and doubts and struggles of the past 18 months, The Father is calling to us: “Come home. Join me at the table. It’s time to celebrate.”

So make plans to attend Kid’s and Student Life (and families!) Friendsgiving Celebration on Sunday, November 14 immediately after the 10am service for a celebration like no other!

You’re invited.

RSVP by November 7.  

See you there!

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