What is One Life?

One Life was born out of our desire to help people grow in their relationships, both with God and others.  We found that we were giving families information overload:  Life Enrichment lesson, Small Group Lesson, Sunday morning sermon, Wednesday night Lesson, Student Life lesson, Kids Life lesson....and the list goes on and on!  The result?  The information they received was good, but no one could remember it even a few days later.  It was simply too much.  Not to mention that parents and kids couldn't talk about what they learned at church to each other because everyone was learning something different.

So our response?  Simplify what's being taught and teach it to everyone.  Now, Small Groups study the sermon from Sunday during the week.  Life Enrichment classes discuss topics related to the sermon.  Kids Life learn the ame ideas and topics that are preached on Sunday.  And we have found that there is more retention and application in families now.