REsources for Home

Our goal with Kids Life and Student Life is to equip parents and homes .  During this time of uncertainty, with either lots of extra time or much less of it, you may feel like you need new and fresh ideas to make it through the day.  Don't worry!  We've got you covered.  

Virtual Tutoring Sessions

FREE Virtual Tutoring Sessions available to help your child succeed in their virtual assignments. 

We understand that this may be a difficult time in your child's educational journey - We’re here to help! 

  • Get help from a Certified Teacher

  • 15-20 Minutes Virtual Tutoring Sessions

  • Flexible Scheduling


Family Videos

CLICK HERE to see videos of bible stories, sermons, moments of hope and more from  Pastor Hugh, Pastor Jeremy, and Ms. Stephanie.

7 Ways to battle Depression

If you are one of the millions of Americans who struggle with Depression and/or Anxiety, this time may be very difficult for you.

CLICK HERE to read 7 Different Ways to Battle Depression & Anxiety During This Pandemic

"Crisis Schooling"

Homeschooling Resources


While CRISIS schooling is different than HOME schooling, 

VBA wants to take the opportunity to help families who might be struggling with the thought of educating from home while facing the effects that COVID-19 has had on their community.

There are many free digital programs being provided to families during this time. While these are very valuable resources that add depth to your teaching from home,  our team wants to provide you with a FREE resource to help you make memories with your child(ren)! 

In VBA’s FREE 28 page resource you will find:

🔹 Grade Level Activities for Reading and Math

🔹 Family Style Lessons and Games

🔹 A “Recommended Daily Routine” to help you manage your days

🔹 An excerpt from VBA's Reading Comprehension resource called “Living Stories” which turns a story from the Bible into a standards based lesson. 

⭐️ At Vero Beach Academy, we support parents in their homeschooling journey. 

⭐️ Students receive instruction from a certified teacher in class on Tuesday and Thursday while learning from home each Monday and Wednesday. 

⭐️On homeschool days, certified teachers provide lesson plans with hands-on activities. (Similar to this free resource!)      

📚 There are few feelings that can compare to successfully teaching your own child - and enjoying it! We are excited to share this opportunity with YOU!! We encourage you to make the best of this time at home and enjoy teaching your precious children!

💟Give yourself (and your kids) lots of grace! There will be moments that you have every intention to do school and your kids just want to play. It’s ok! The routine is not as important as the memories made and the moments together.

Vero Beach Academy is a ministry of VBFN. 

CLICK HERE to download this homeschool resource for FREE!! 

the Bible Project

The Bible Project is probably better for teens and young parents, but it has incredible theology and study done at such an understandable level.

BIBle App For Kids

Tthe Bible App for Kids is a go-to, especially for younger kids. You can get it on your phone/iPad or use the website link above.

In addition to the app, parents use the link below for more resources and tools, including coloring sheets and a parents guide.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Cosmic Kids Yoga combines story time with stretching/yoga. It's a great way to exercise and families love the fun way she uses stories. 

*Be warned, while "Namaste" technically is a greeting, in yoga it has what could be considered as dangerous spiritual implications. Not to get too much into it, but we do not recommend treading into any "grey area" with our families. So when she does the traditional "Namaste" that you do in yoga, we recommend that you just say, "We love you, Jesus", "Jesus Loves Me" or something similar.